Maven and continous integration

Good references:

How I believe the build and deploy pipeline works is:

  1. A programmer checks code in SVN (Subversion)
  2. Hudson detects it (using the plug-in with subversion that comes initially with Hudson)
  3. Hudson launch Maven to do the build, for that, it is necessary to have previously made the pom for the project. The pom is an xml doc that defines how to build the project (sequence of steps, relations with other modules,,…). It is Maven who uses the pom.
  4. Maven leaves the built module in a repository of built modules which can be Nexus. Maven also goes to Nexus to capture other modules that he can need to do the builds.
  5. Hudson can continue after Maven is finished, for example doing tests or deploying the modules
  6. If something goes wrong it can be set up in a way that certain roles will know it (mail, …)

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